The QT hotel Gold Coast – Queensland Australia

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QT hotel review Gold coast queensland review

The QT hotel Gold Coast – Queensland Australia

The location

The QT is located at the very top end of Surfers Paradise. Which is a good thing. Its a bit quieter there.
The main strip of Surfers Paradise is full of fake irish pubs and strip bars so you will be happy (if your not on a hen or stag do)
to be a bit away from all of that. The hotel is just across the road from the beach and if you have ever been to the Gold Coast you will know, it is a beautiful beach that goes on for miles.


QT hotel review Gold Coast
The North end of surfers Paradise is actually quite nice.

QT hotel gold coast review - surfers paradise hotel

The building, interiors & facilities

The QT is a tall high rise, with very cool modern interiors through out.
Everything in your hotel room is for sale, from the candle holder to the boxing Robe.

The pool area was pretty special with a bar in the pool, however the pool was filthy
by the end of the day, and forget relaxing in the hot tub. The QT is a family hotel
So lots of splashing and crying happens by the pool.

A nice touch was the drink dispensor of free some in the foyer and out by the pool
It gets very hot so you will need it.


Foyer QT Gold Coast Queensland
The Modern Interiors in the Foyer of QT Gold Coast Queensland

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The QT hotel Gold Coast - Queensland AustraliaThe QT hotel Gold Coast - Queensland Australia

The service

The staff were very friendly at the QT. We were lucky enough to spend New Years Eve at the QT and joined in their party at the Stingray bar. We had such a great night. The ticket include canapés, drinks and entertainment and it was a perfect way for a reasonably young couple to
see in the new year.

The QT hotel Gold Coast - Queensland Australia
Sting ray Bar



The QT has four different Restaurants in it.
We went to the Yamagen – the Japanese Teppanyaki. It was entertaining and fun, The food was not mind blowing but we had a great night.
If you want mind blowing you must go to the Bazaar breakfast, it was the most incredible breakfast buffet EVER! It was so large with food from all over the world, some of the food is already prepared or you can ask the chef to make you something fresh – like an omelette. Do go to the Bazaar even if you are not staying at the hotel, and make sure you are hungry as you will want to eat everything!




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The Cost

An average night at the QT gold coast is about £120 or $200 AUS
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